Welcome to BrickEmpire


Hi there, welcome to our store: BrickEmpire!

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***Please check Stripe payments: currently added: AliPay, Bancontact, IDeal and Sofort!***


We dont have many rules, just buy the items you like :-)

We have a 5 euro minimum buy, wich we need to cover the packing material costs.

We have a 50 euro maximum order amount for non tracable shipment options, any order above 50 euro will be shipped with tracking!


If you pay with paypal we would appreciate if you choose the registered or tracable shipping option! (above 50 euro value orders will be shipped with tracking)


*Our used parts condition types:

5/5 Like new, all other condition types will have some marks, scratches etc, as they are used!

4/5 Very good, build with once or twice, no discoloring, can be dusty

3/5 Good / ok, build with a few times, some discoloring specially: white, yellow, red, blue, old gray types. Will have some scratches. can be dusty

2/5 Very used, more scratches, definetly discolored, not good for building in sight positions, perfect for filling

1/5 Very bad, we try to avoid uploading this condition type, only with rare parts or parts we sourced a lot from, not good for building visible.


*All used parts have been sourced from collections, or our own collection. We try to wash all parts before checking and counting. If we didnt wash a batch we will mentione *dusty*

*We store all parts / minifigs in ziplocks in a drawer system, pet and smoke free. We dont always know how previous owner stored them.

*We wash the parts at hand-warm water, just by hand, with a drop of neutral baby-soap to delete the dust. Possibly your parts have some dry water stains on them as we dry them on towels. These spots are easy to delete by hand.

*We check each single part by hand, so will make some errors from time to time. Please let us know upon receivement of your order and we will resend or refund the part.



Have fun shopping!